Amber 81 - UV Protection Film

Amber 81 is a speciality window film that has been specifically designed for use in locations that require the blocking of UV rays into the low visible light region.

Ultraviolet light starts the transition to visible light at around 380 nanometers, with medical and clean room environments that require UV to be blocked all the way up to the 400nm range. The amber colouring of Amber 81 provides this added protection, keeping transmission below 10% all the way up to 500nm.

Advice should always be sought when suggesting this film to address health issues.

The film is supplied with a comprehensive manufacturer’s product replacement warranty.

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  • Research Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • Medical Operating Rooms
Key Performance DataPercentage
Total Solar Energy Transmitted68.0%
Visible Light Transmitted57.0%
Glare Reduction37.0%
Total Solar Energy Rejection25.0%
Infared Rejection18.0%
Ultraviolet RejectionExceeds 99.0%

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Amber 81 - Design Guide