Sun-Gard Nova

Nova by Sun-Gard is a high performance solar control film, with a more neutral appearance than traditional reflective films.

A spectrally-selective window film, the high infra-red absorption levels make the Nova range an effective and affordable solar protection film. These films are constructed using a triple-pass metalization process, which ensures the excellent infrared absorption figures.

Sun-Gard Nova is manufactured to deliver premium levels of solar control, whilst delivering a more neutral appearance than the reflective range of films. The ideal choice for customers who require high levels of performance with a less obvious aesthetic impact.

Marketing material including performance summaries and information sheets are available, for more information about these documents and further detail about purchasing this range of film, please contact us on 01494 797800 or by emailing

 Performance data is in accordance with National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) standards on 3mm clear glass.


  • Sun-Gard Nova 35
  • Sun-Gard Nova 50
  • Sun-Gard Nova 70
Film Visible light Transmitted Visible Light Reflected Glare Reduction Total Solar Energy Rejected
Nova 35 32% 45% 63% 71%
Nova 50 50% 34% 43% 61%
Nova 70 68% 19% 22% 45%