Solar Control Films

Reflective Silver Film helps block solar energy and keeps you more comfortable in your home or office. The exterior reflectivity provides privacy and helps lower your energy costs.

With over 100 years of innovation, Madico window films are recognised as being amongst the most advanced, highest performing and trusted solar control films on the market. Available under both the Madico and SunGard brand, there are five key ranges, each offering performance, style and value, backed up with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Reflective: The reflective range of films provide high end solar protection whilst also delivering high performance on glare reduction and fade mitigation. A Madico brand, reflective films can also serve to deliver savings on energy bills.

Optivision: SunGard Optivision is an advanced window film, designed to deliver the best possible solar protection, whilst minimising interior reflectivity. Optivision delivers all the performance expected of a premium solar protection film whilst also delivering a more neutral internal appearance, which in turn can enable improved night vision.

Solar Bronze: A sputtered film with an attractive bronze finish, the solar bronze range is available in two grades, each delivering high quality performance combined with an attractive aesthetic appearance.

Nova: The Nova range of films have been developed to provide high quality solar control performance whilst also delivering a more neutral external and internal appearance. The ideal choice for customers who require high levels of performance with minimal aesthetic impact.

External: The range of external Madico window films have been manufactured specifically to deliver high end performance whilst also providing longevity when exposed to the elements. All films with an external option have been developed and extensively tested to ensure the delivery of a strong, reliable and trustworthy product.

All of the Madico and SunGard films supplied by The Window Film Company have been developed over time, with a view to delivering the best performance possible. Madico window films employ an unsurpassed testing process, ensuring the provision of a film that you and your customers can rely on and believe in.

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