Automotive Window Films

We are proud to be able to offer two ranges of specialist automotive films, each backed by a programme of scientific research and development, resulting in the best possible combination of quality, function and looks available.

The Madico range of automotive films have been developed to deliver the highest levels of functionality whilst still providing flexibility when it comes to appearance. Each range provides a different level of performance whilst delivering a range of finishes to suit all tastes and markets, from the classic tint to a more neutral appearance.

In buying Madico automotive films you can be assured of a state of the art product, backed with extensive research and development. With a full understanding of the market and what customers want and need, the ranges available have been created to deliver the highest possible performance, the best possible quality and the best possible appearance.

Automotive tints are available for rapid, free of charge delivery. For more information on the range of films available, delivery and prices, please contact us on 01494 797800 or by emailing

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