Sun-Gard Black Pearl

Black Pearl HP and Black Pearl NR are the latest addition to the popular Sun-Gard Automotive Window Film line. It is a 1.5 mil premium-grade film that is offered with a non-reflective finish.

Black Pearl NR will not cause any signal disruption to GPS or keyless entry systems and is available in 5, 20, 35, 55, and 70% shades. It also delivers excellent conformity for faster installations and is backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Like all SUN-GARD solar control films, Black Pearl films:

  • Reduce glare
  • Protect against up to 99% of UV rays
  • Have a strong scratch-resistant coating.

Most films are available for rapid, free delivery. For more details about the range of automotive films available and becoming a Madico dealer, please contact us on 01494 797800 or email

Performance data is based on film applied to 1/4" clear, monolithic, annealed glass. Tests, equipment and methods are in accordance with ASTM and NRFC standards.


  • Black Pearl 5 NR
  • Black Pearl 20 NR
  • Black Pearl 35 NR
  • Black Pearl 55 NR
  • Black Pearl 70 NR
Film Visible Light Transmission Solar Transmission Solar Absorption Total Solar Energy Rejected
Black Pearl 5 NR 4.4% 43.7% 50.8% 40.8%
Black Pearl 20 NR 19.1% 47.5% 47.0% 38.2%
Black Pearl 35 NR 36.6% 57.5% 36.6% 31.3%
Black Pearl 55 NR 56.4% 64.5% 29.2% 26.9%
Black Pearl 70 NR 68.6% 68.8% 24.6% 23.4%