About Madico Window Films

Having been established in 1903, Madico have over a century’s worth of experience in the window film industry. During this time the company has continued to create high quality products and has remained at the forefront of innovation, continually working towards delivering solutions to the problems of not just today, but tomorrow too.

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of window film products, Madico are rightly proud of their heritage. Memorable Madico moments in history include the launch of the first reflective films in 1958, the production of coloured reflective films in 1974 and the unveiling of the first scratch resistant coating in ’78. In 1984 Madico completed the largest known window film installation (over 500,000 square feet of safety film) whilst 1999 saw the largest open range blast testing ever undertaken by a window film manufacturer.

These are a few highlights from the past, but thanks to a commitment to research and development, the future is assuredly bright. Madico continue to strive to deliver products that will solve the problems experienced in the modern day. Products are tested to breaking point, with rigorous testing allowing Madico to provide films that are proven to succeed, backed up with extensive performance statistics and test data.

Madico are a Company with excellent green credentials, so in buying Madico window film you can be assured you are buying from a Company that understands and acts with environmental responsibility high on the agenda. The Madico plant operates at 95% thermal efficiency, with the heat captured and re-used in the manufacturing process, whilst thanks to the installation of solar panels, the entire distribution warehouse runs on solar power.

Madico have history and heritage. They have experience and understanding. They are at the forefront of testing, research and innovation. 

Madico window films are not designed to meet industry standards, they are built to exceed them. In short, when you purchase Madico window film you can buy safe in the knowledge that your film is backed up by years of refinements and rigorous testing, all carried out to allow you to have the best window film possible.

For more information about how to become a Madico dealer, call us on 01494 797800 or email info@windowfilms.co.uk.